June 2nd, 2010

Clarisse continues to eat well. She seems a little calmer when not trying to initiate any movements (although she continues to seem control-less when she initiates a sepecific movement). Elisa has spotted some black spots on her legs – Maya had similar spots about a year ago when she was suffering from a side affect from a bad infection (which which prevented her from walking) so we are wondering if all this could be related. We are getting better at waiting.


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One Response to June 2nd, 2010

  1. caroline says:

    I was wondering too if an infection might be the cause of all of these since being on antibiotics seemed to have helped her in the hospital!!! I didn’t know Maya had had an infection last year that had affected her walking! I am reading more and more about Chorea and it sure does have different reasons and to tell that I had never heard of that until now! It’s great news that Clarisee eats well. We need to hang on to any positive thing going on. I will get in touch with my reiki person here in Portland and hopefully give you some names this week. Love you all.

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