Here are some snippets/links which Elisa sent me:
We report a 6 year old girl who developed acute chorea following cardiac surgery using hypothermia and total cardiopulmonary bypass. Rheumatic disease, cerebral embolism or hemorrhage were excluded. Cerebral hypoperfusion during surgery is the most probable cause for this neurologic event. Treatment with Tiaprid (Tiapridex) resulted in a rapid resolution of symptoms.
Choreoathetosis is a rare complication after surgery on congenital heart malformations with cardiopulmonary bypass and profound hypothermia. We reviewed the hospital course and follow-up of 3 patients, who developed acute chorea during the early postoperative period (within 3-6 days after surgery). CTscan of the brain and/or MRI were completely normal in all patients. Medical treatment with tiapride was administered in patient 1 and 2. In patient 2 symptoms resolved within several weeks; patient 1 and 3 showed residual choreiform movements for 48 and 14 months, respectively.

Discussion: Acute chorea after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery occurs with clinical symptoms varying from mild to severe. This complication has been described in association with profound hypothermia and hypothermic criculatory arrest; however, additional factors are supposed to be responsible for lesions causing choreoathetosis as found by reviewing the present literature.


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2 Responses to Links

  1. caroline says:

    Thank you for sharing these links with us Edwin. They seem promissing. It’s a good thing that information is at the tip of our fingers, it allows us to become advocate for our own health. I am wondering why they have not decided to put Clarisse on those meds. Is it because of the side effects? I know you must be going through the hardest time of your life right now and I am sending you and Elisa all the love and courage your heart can hold. We are with you, breathing in tandem with you.

  2. Thanks Caroline. Re: the meds, those meds only help mask the movements, they do not address the cause of the condition. Because they can have very sever long term complications, our plan is to stay away from the meds as long as Clarisse can eat – at least buy her 6 months and see how the condition develops. Thank you for your support.

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