Family Day

Today felt easier. Spent most of the day with Clarisse, William and Maya. Clarisse is different when Maya is around. Happier. Less bored. More engaged. We did some chemistry. Maya did some swimming and we all had lunch together. Sometimes the situation/helplessness is so painful that it feels surreal. The best solution I have found so far is to focus as much as possible on the present.

This week is going to be important. I am hoping that we are going to see a plateau in the severity of the condition and going to make good progress on the feeding.

Special thanks to all our friends for their amazing help and support.

Special thanks to my mom who has come to help us.


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One Response to Family Day

  1. caroline says:

    living in the now is the gift that comes through enduring the atrocious. loving you all from far away…know that my heart is right there next to yours.

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