Week #9

We are reaching the end of week 9th. Clarisse has been stable this week: no movement or talking but continues to eat well.

We have been able to weave in a few good things in her agenda: fish oil in the morning to increase Omega 3 in-take. 20 minutes in the sun to maximize vitamin D. 2-3 15-minutes “gym” sessions to rub her muscles and try to motivate her to move her arms and legs (to try to make sure that she does not loose all her muscles).

The fact that my mom is her is helping a lot because it means more diversity in who feeds her and what she eats. It also means less TV.

Next week is going to be tough because we have to go to Stanford Monday and Tuesday to meet with the cardiology team and the neurology team. My expectation is that they will say: “This might take a couple of years to resolve. You have to be patient”. But I am always worried that they decide something worse. That and the fact that the hospital is associated with a lot of very stressful moments.

Besides the meetings, the goal for next week is to continue to eat well to catch up on the weight she has lost since the surgery in May and see if there is anything we can do to help win back some of the muscle tone we lost in the last 4 weeks.


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