Neurology Meeting

We had our one month follow up meeting with the Stanford Neurology team today. They confirmed that the paralysis was a sign of the chorea getting more acute. They suggested that Clarisse should start taking some Valproic Acid (Divalproex) – 125mg. Although it can have some sever side effects, those side effects go away when the medication is stop and on the positive side, we could start seeing Clarisse take control of some of her movements (and may be speech back). I am nervous about this but it seems to be the right thing so we are going to try it and see how she reacts to it (we should know within a couple of weeks). Next Neurology meeting in 2 months.

Note: The neurologist did not think that Omega 3/fish oil or Vitamin D would have any impact on the recovery. Given that Clarisse is not enjoying them, we are going to remove them from our daily schedule. No need to have her suffer more than she already does.


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One Response to Neurology Meeting

  1. caroline says:

    thanks for the update. you are all in my prayers. may she only benefit from the med and not suffer from the side effects. sending love and strength.
    love you so much.

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