For the last week or so, Clarisse has been having intense nightmares during the night. It seems that the frequency and intensity of those nightmares are increasing. At first, we thought that it was just a coincidence (Maya use to have nightmares as well) but it is now happening 2-3 times per night and some of them last 15-20 minutes – time during which Clarisse seems furious and agitated and I am not able to calm her down. On the positive side, she seems to calm down as soon as Elisa starts holding her. I am wondering if the nightmares are related to the chemical imbalance and if this is a sign that her condition is continuing to worsen.


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2 Responses to Nightmares

  1. caroline says:

    my kids used to have” night terrors”. the intensity is a lot more than nightmares and very hard to calm them down, as it’s really hard to wake them up from night terrors. must be very hard to add sleepless nights to what you guys are going through!
    loving you all.

  2. Edwin K. says:

    Last night, we only had one night terror and she woke up this morning in a good mood (so it is better than last week). It will be interesting to see if it is confirmed tonight.

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