Week #10

This was the hardest week. The combination of the neurology meetings, starting the meds, seeing Clarisses night terrors getting worse and the sea of information was difficult to handle. So I decided to put my arms down for a couple of days and go with the flow. Thankfully, last night ended up being better: only one night terror and today Clarisse seemed a little more relaxed and joyful. I am not sure if it is random, the result of her getting used to the meds or things starting to trend in the right direction but it felt good. Let’s hope tonight goes as well.


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One Response to Week #10

  1. caroline says:

    yes, a time comes when we need to take a break. and if the break is not coming from the outside, just like your case, then YOU TAKE IT. I could feel the need you have to make sense of this confusion that nobody can explain. And also a time comes when there is nothing to do but BE with what is without trying to understand it. at least for a little while. sending powerful rays of love your way.

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