“Et moooi?”

Elisa spent the morning with Clarisse at Encinal. From what I heard it was hard (probably harder for Elisa than Clarisse) because some of the kids have very special needs. But the teachers are very nice and Clarisse gets to spend half of her time in her normal Kindergarden class. We are going to hang in there and see how it goes.

This afternoon, the weather is very hot so I was thinking of opening the pool and let Maya drain her energy. While asking Maya if she wanted to go to the pool, Clarisse interrupts us with an “ett moiii?” which means “and me in french – I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming. Even though she is not (yet) able to consistently repeat it, we all suddenly felt a lot happier. As I said earlier, the secret to long battles is to celebrate every victory!!!


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