Continuing in the right direction

We are continuing to see encouraging progress:

  • “Moi”, “Non”, “Ka” are now a lot more consistent.
  • We started to hear some new words (non consistent yet): “Papa”, “a lot”, “Maya”, “on peut acheter”.
  • Clarisse enjoys school – changes her mind and motivates her to try to make new sounds and undertake new activities.
  • At night, she seems to be able to partially roll from sleep on her back to a side – at least she tries. This would be a great towards being to sleep independently.

Those are very small steps but the trend is encouraging. We are also going to start physical therapy and speech therapy – as part of her school IEP.

We are learning to wait patiently and let her do her magic. We will report back in a week or so.


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One Response to Continuing in the right direction

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Clarisse.

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