We started seeing signes of involuntary movement last Sunday night. Things have gradually gotten worse since them. We met with the Neurology team on Friday. They do not have a clear understanding of what might be causing the recurrence: it could be an auto-immune reaction to some kind of infection, the results of some dammage to the Basil Ganglia 3 years ago or something else. These cases are rear and each child seem to react differently so it is hard to predict.

We did some labs on Friday. All the results came back normal. We are waiting for the Strep culture. Last time it took 13 weeks before we started to see some progress so we are learning to be patient.

These are good reminders that how lucky we are most of the time when life is un-eventful and the brain performs its normal magic. Will try to update this blog every few days with more information.


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2 Responses to Recurrence

  1. Really sorry to hear this. Glad you seem pretty centered about it. Thoughts are with you.

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