Week #3 of the recurrence

Like last time, things have been becoming progressively worse. We are reaching the point where talking is very very hard, holding her head straight is very hard, walking is very hard and chewing is very hard.

But Clarisse is keeping a very good spirit so we are learning to be patient and hope that she is going to win this fight like she did last time.

We have decided to wait a few more days before we try to explore meds because we are concerned about the side effects.

Did a lot of research about Chorea and Recurrence. This seems to be the most comprehensive research on the topic. There are no references to persistence so we are hopeful that this is temporary.


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One Response to Week #3 of the recurrence

  1. Katie Strozier says:

    My Daughter has post pump Chorea in 2014. She was diagnosed after open heart surgery. She went through intense rehab and was medicated with Depikote. She recovered and now it is back almost 4 years later. The doctors do not know why. They started her back on the meds and is scheduling an MRI she was 8 then now she is 12.

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