More progress…

Clarisse is continuing to making progress on all fronts: The speech is clearer and more fluid, she can grab food with her left arm and eat it, started to handle the pressure of standing during her physical therapy session and most importantly, she is back to playing Jelly Cars on the iPad.

Next: we are focusing on the movement of the right hand and helping her sit and getting her ready to stand. The end of the nightmare feels close.

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Physical Therapy

Here are two pictures of Clarisse getting physical therapy.

The goal is to help slowly get used to having pressure on her feet. After having seen her fully paralyzed for 3 weeks, we are really happy to see her progress towards being back on her feet.

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More progress…

We are continuing to make progress: On the speech front, Clarisse can repeat most of the words we ask her to repeat and use language to ask for simple things. On the motor side, she has more control of her left arm (she is a lefty) and can sit up straight when watching TV. This week was also very good on the appetite side – which is great because she has lost a lot of weight over the last 4 months.

What we are working on next?

  • Working on the motion on the right arm.
  • Helping her put pressure on her feet with the hope that she will be able to stand up soon.
  • Continue to work on speech and prononciation.
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A sentence…

This morning, when Clarisse wakes up, she turns, looks at me and says: “Papa…Elle est ou maman? j’ai faim” (Dad, where is mom? I am hungry). No better ways to start the day.

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More progress

Clarisse has been fighting hard and we are continuing to seeing progress in the right direction: she is now more consistent when it comes to trying to say words (even is they have 2 or 3 syllables). She sometimes try to sequence two words. She eats faster. She seems to slowly regain control over her left hand. She continues to be joyful/happy. Will try to shoot a few videos next week. Have a great long week end!

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Continuing in the right direction

We are continuing to see encouraging progress:

  • “Moi”, “Non”, “Ka” are now a lot more consistent.
  • We started to hear some new words (non consistent yet): “Papa”, “a lot”, “Maya”, “on peut acheter”.
  • Clarisse enjoys school – changes her mind and motivates her to try to make new sounds and undertake new activities.
  • At night, she seems to be able to partially roll from sleep on her back to a side – at least she tries. This would be a great towards being to sleep independently.

Those are very small steps but the trend is encouraging. We are also going to start physical therapy and speech therapy – as part of her school IEP.

We are learning to wait patiently and let her do her magic. We will report back in a week or so.

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“Et moooi?”

Elisa spent the morning with Clarisse at Encinal. From what I heard it was hard (probably harder for Elisa than Clarisse) because some of the kids have very special needs. But the teachers are very nice and Clarisse gets to spend half of her time in her normal Kindergarden class. We are going to hang in there and see how it goes.

This afternoon, the weather is very hot so I was thinking of opening the pool and let Maya drain her energy. While asking Maya if she wanted to go to the pool, Clarisse interrupts us with an “ett moiii?” which means “and me in french – I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming. Even though she is not (yet) able to consistently repeat it, we all suddenly felt a lot happier. As I said earlier, the secret to long battles is to celebrate every victory!!!

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